The Concepts of Kashmir Dispute

Zakir Hussain
National university of modern languages Islamabad

Zakir Hussian

We have been hearing these words for 73 years and the people of Kashmir have been waiting for their freedom but Pakistan is a country that has been with Kashmir and is doing its Best to liberate it.

Kashmir is located inside the north of Pakistan and in the northwest of India the area is spread over 222,236 km².
Pakistan believes that Kashmir is our (شہ رگ) and India believes that Kashmir is our integral part ( اٹوٹ انگ).
Jammu and Kashmir have a population of 10.1 million and the number of Muslims is 87%.
According to the 3 June plan (Independent plane), India and Pakistan in this made two separate States and in this independence plane that the place where the population of Muslim will be more included in Pakistan and where the Hindus are more that area will be included in India (British rule)

The princely state was independent and it was up to them to decide which state they wanted to join. According to the 3 June plan, some princely States were added to India and some join in Pakistan this division becomes a problem for Jammu and Kashmir.

There are three reasons for the problem, the first reason is that the Muslim population is more than the Hindu, and the geography of Kashmir shows that all the land routes meet Pakistan, and River that Flows is also in Pakistan. Kashmir happens to be part of Pakistan the only route from India to Kashmir is Pathankot.
Maharaja Gulab Singh’s attempt was to annex Jammu and Kashmir to India and when the Muslims found out about the Maharaja intentions they revolted from the ponch this was the first revolt and this revolt continued in 1947 against the Indian Army.

On 12 August 1947, the maharaja made a standstill agreement but the revolt between the Mujahideen and the maharaja Army had begun because the Mujahideen was known what the Maharaja decision.
When the Mujahideen were sacrificing their lives and the maharaja realize that they should seek the help of India. On 27 October 1947 announced an alliance with Indian 27 October took control and this was 1st Kashmir war fought. The 1st war was fought from 27 October 1947 to Jan 5 1948 and this issue continues to till today.

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