The importance of women’s education and the desired strategy – Suraya Batool Alavi

Education, knowledge and awareness are of fundamental importance for the construction and development of human society. On the other hand, it is also a fact that women are half of the society. Therefore, the education and training of this section of women is absolutely necessary and indispensable for the well-being of the society.

The word education and training is a combination of two components. One is education, which means to make people aware of the basic attributes of living, to teach, to teach, to impart information and the other word is ‘training’ which means nurturing, good habits, ie teaching virtues and protecting children from vices and God in children. To create fear and piety. Therefore, both education and training are of fundamental importance in Islam.

Islamic Perspective

Islam has given primary importance to knowledge and piety, ie education and training from the very beginning. Because Islamic law has imposed both men and women with equal rights and duties and both are equally obligated and responsible for fulfilling their duties. It is clear that unless one has a proper knowledge of one’s duties, one cannot properly perform one’s duties, so it is impossible to fulfill the rules of religion unless one acquires the knowledge of religion. That is why the religion of Islam has made the acquisition of knowledge equally obligatory for both men and women. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

«Seeking knowledge is the duty of every Muslim» (Tabarani: 1/5)

That is, it is obligatory for every Muslim man (and woman) to acquire knowledge.

The incomparable virtue of knowledge has been described in the Holy Qur’an and the hadiths of the Prophet, and it is clear that there is nothing in Islam beyond the acquisition of knowledge. The Holy Qur’an states:

﴿إِنَّمَا يَخششَى اللّهَ مِن عِبِدِهِ العُلَمـٰؤُا … ٢٨ ﴾… سورة فاطر

“Indeed, only those of Allah’s servants who have knowledge fear it.”

The first revelation that was revealed to Aqa Namdar also started with the word Iqra (meaning read). The fact is that ignorant people without knowledge can compete with knowledgeable people. Therefore, Islam placed great emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge. For example, the Qur’an states:

﴿قُل هَل يَسَتَوِى الَّذِينَ يَعلَلَمُونَ وَالَّذِينَ لاَ يَعلَلَمُونَ … ٩﴾ … سورة الزمر

“Ask them! Can those who know and those who do not know ever be the same?”

The following instructions are found in several books of the Prophetic Hadith:

The scholar has the same superiority over the worshiper as the moon on the fourteenth night over the ordinary stars, the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets, because the prophets did not leave dirhams and dinars in inheritance but left knowledge. Received a large share of the Prophet’s inheritance. “

(Sahih Tirmidhi for Al-Albani: 1)

Also, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

“The world has the same superiority over the worshiper as I have over the lowest of you.” (Tirmidhi: 1)

A few verses and hadiths have been presented as examples of the importance of knowledge, which proves the infinite virtue of knowledge. But it is important to remember that all the virtues of knowledge that have been mentioned are only for the scholar who is bound by his own knowledge. Fully compliant. Through this knowledge one is engaged in seeking Allah’s pleasure. He obeys its commands and stays away from its prohibitions because knowledge prevails without action.

Special arrangement for education and training of women in Islam

In pre-Islamic ignorant societies, women were deprived of all rights. Where a woman is deprived of her right to life, there is no question of her right to read and write. But where Islam has given woman a high and lofty position, it has also given her a favor by making her equal to men in teaching and learning. Because Islamic law is addressed to both men and women. Religious rules are obligatory on both and on the Day of Judgment, women will be accountable to the Lord of the Worlds just like men. Therefore, the acquisition of knowledge for women, which teaches them basic religious matters and teaches them how to live according to the rules of Islam, has been made a definite duty for them. What is meant by the obligatory duty is that it must be learned, and if a man or a woman fails to do so, he is guilty according to Allah.

Therefore, from the very beginning, he paid attention to the education of women. He said about the verses of Surah Al-Baqarah:

“Learn them yourself and teach your women too.” (Sunan Darmi: 1)

You would instruct the delegations who came to your service for training that:

“Go back to your homes, stay with your families, teach them the religion and follow their religious rules.” (Sahih Bukhari: 1) You are a disbeliever:

“He who raised three girls, educated them well, treated them well, then married them, is paradise for him.” (Abu Dawud: 1)

In the mission of the Holy Prophet, only one day a week was reserved for the education and training of women. On this day women would come to your service and ask you various questions and everyday issues. After the Eid prayers, you would address them separately. He also ordered the Ummah of the believers to make Muslim women aware of religious issues. He also emphasized on writing for women. Hazrat Shifa bint Abdullah knew how to write. He ordered them to teach Umm Al-Mu’minin Hazrat Hafsa to write as well. So he also taught Hazrat Hafsa to write. Gradually, women’s interest in reading and writing increased. Even in the blessed era of the Rightly Guided Caliphs after the Prophet’s time, full attention was paid to the education and training of women. Hazrat Umar bin Khattab ruled all over his kingdom and issued the following edict:

«علمّ نساوٴكم سورٴ النور … ور (الدر المنثور: ۵/۱۸)

“Be sure to teach your women Surah Al-Noor that it contains many issues and rules regarding family life and social life.”

The importance of women’s education

There can never be two opinions about women’s education in Islam. There is only one firm and firm commandment and that is that women must be adorned with the ornaments of education because the ignorant and ignorant woman causes the backwardness and confusion of the society. Ignorant women have no distinction between disbelief and polytheism, nor any knowledge of religion and faith. Unaware of the status of Allah and His Messenger, she sometimes complains about the glory of God with great arrogance and rudeness. In the same way, in the glory of prophethood, they utter sarcasm with great sincerity. Unaware of the wisdom and usefulness of the rules of Shari’ah, they speak straightforwardly. Mantras are involved in witchcraft and black knowledge. Husbands waste their earnings in such wrong and false deeds. She is not aware of the rights of her siblings, relatives and neighbors. On the contrary, fights, quarrels and abusive gossip, swearing and cursing make everyone happy. Jewelry keeps her husband’s nose in her nose all the time due to illegitimate demands for clothes. Eventually, she is left to fend for herself. They don’t even value time. They waste all their time in nonsense, in cursing, backbiting and gossip.

What are the disadvantages of women’s ignorance to lose: husband, children, home, God-given blessings, they do not realize anything. Their lives are the words of the Holy Qur’an, خَسِرَالدُّنْيَا وَالآخِرَةِ, meaning their world is ruined and the Hereafter is ruined. Such women are, of course, the vanguard of the destruction of society by not being able to train their children in their laps. Just as the peasants themselves were, their descendants, the new generation, also proved to be misguided, ignorant and peasants. In this way, they trap the nation in the mire of crime.

On the contrary, a woman with knowledge of religion knows and recognizes the limits of right and wrong, right and wrong, lawful and unlawful, and she handles the problems of her life in a happy manner. This knowledge of religion makes him polite and courteous. She also helps her children to build a good society by educating them.

Women’s education and Western education

The people of the West raised the slogan of women’s education two centuries ago today, before that the Western woman was living a life worse than animals. Napoleon was the first to raise a slogan

“Give me educated mothers, I will give you a developed nation.”

Her slogan was described as fundamental and revolutionary in the field of women’s rights. As this slogan of women’s education gradually progressed, it went through different stages of women’s development, women’s rights and then gender equality. Because the people of the West had become alienated from their own religion. Their societies were becoming secular, liberal and materialistic. Under her influence, Western women gained some freedom from the tyranny and oppression of men. He was educated like men. After getting education in mixed environment, she started working to drive her life in mixed environment. Ungodly education, aimless life, secular environment and mixing of male weight, pornographic films, obscene pictures and immoral literature and nude clothing all these factors combined to make a woman completely misguided and misguided.

Then this wayward woman raised the slogan of equality of men and weight. Gradually a front was opened against the men. Women were incited against marriage, husband, children and home. Homosexuality has become common. Homes became uninhabitable. The man refused to bear the woman’s expenses. Now men earn only for themselves and women for themselves. The feminist movement that began in the West with this concept of education has hollowed out society. Prostitution broke out frequently. Divorce has multiplied, sexually transmitted diseases have engulfed society, children have become criminals and savages in nurses, and now the atmosphere in the West is completely feminine. There is a woman everywhere to dance and sing and to seduce a man, but her real place, the house, is ruined.

On the other hand, women are still not appointed to responsible positions in Western society. On the other hand, women’s salaries are still lower than men’s. This is the effect of the Western education of women that it has harmed the western society in every way and the woman has become completely helpless. Who is busy making money as a sex worker.

The West insists

Today, Western civilization is dominant in the world. Therefore, the people of the West consider it their first duty to spread the same Western atheistic teachings and atheistic ideas in Islamic societies through various tricks. They have been engaged in this work for almost two centuries. Lord Macaulay’s education system left no stone unturned in sowing the seeds of atheism and atheism among Muslims. In the beginning, Muslim thinkers and intellectuals tried hard to protect women from the toxic effects of Western education. Allama Iqbal sympathetically warned the nation:
The knowledge which gives rise to a woman is called Nazan

But Muslims face the West because of their political, religious and moral weaknesses

They retreated. Western-educated Muslims have been busy spreading the liberal influence of Westerners in Islamic society under the guise of women’s education.

Although Pakistan appeared on the world map in the name of Islam, but in practice, the Islamic system of government was not prevalent here, the Islamic education system has not been prevalent in the nascent Islamic state of Pakistan. The result is that our own schools are busy popularizing Western civilization and its ideas in the homeland. Educational institutions have become centers for teaching dance, song and music. Music education is becoming part of the regular curriculum. Meena Bazaar, dress shows and variety shows are accompanied by gold … According to late Maher Qadri
The daughters of the nation who were to become Batool learn the principles of dance songs in madrassas

Our media is also working day and night to introduce the same western environment in Pakistan. Radio, TV, VCR, internet, magazines and newspapers are showing pornographic songs, dirty movies and nude pictures in the morning and evening. Struggle against Islamic education and civilization in Muslim societies in the name of publishing education by NGOs from above. Then UN conferences on women’s rights, which call for a formal report on the implementation of their own agenda, impose economic sanctions on such countries in the form of disobedience. And the media is trying to stop their rhetoric by cursing and slandering them. In order to make Western civilization popular in Islamic countries, the people of the West are attacking Muslim countries with all their forces and resources. This Western aggression is so aggressive and intense that Muslim countries are retreating because of their faith and moral weaknesses. There is no Muslim ruler who can defend the social and family system of Islam against them!

Now the claim of the people of the West is that at one time Islam really gave rights to women, but that is now obsolete. Today, that civilization and education is useless. Today, in order to set the stage for development, you have to get women out of the confines of the home. It has to play its equal role in the economic and political arenas instead of the traditional role of the household. Every woman earns, after all why this 50% of the population is lying in useless houses. Then women should also represent 50% in the politics of the country. If 50% is not possible, then at least 5%. That is, women’s participation in political institutions should be 5%. What is the justification for creating separate institutions for men and women? Men and women everywhere read and work together. Everywhere and on every platform, women should be present side by side with men, to be engaged in earning their own living. They should get out of the guardianship of their parents and take care of their own marriage, divorce and employment issues. Every woman must be empowered so that she is not hindered by her parents, father, husband, brother, etc.

Therefore, today there are many objections being raised by the people of the West towards Islam regarding women. He always criticizes the social teachings of Islam in movies, print media, TV, etc. The question is whether it is the idea of ​​the people of the West to build a nation where women leave their basic duties and domestic affairs to earn a living and on the other hand there is a conflict between mother, child, husband and wife. According to Allama Iqbal
Is this the perfection of the foreign society in the hands of useless men and women?

The result of this aggressive Western aggression is that women in Muslim countries are at a crossroads. There are some who have quickly accepted these Western influences and have been freed from the shackles of burqa, veil and even dupatta. She goes to study and teach in educational institutions in such a nude manner, as if a bride has just come from a beauty parlor. Simplicity and contentment are disappearing. Women spend a lot of money on clothes, jewelry and make-up. She also serves as a regular preacher to spread the word. She not only violates the clear rules of the Qur’an and Hadith and then proudly narrates them, but also curses and reproaches women who adhere to the hijab. In this way, they continue their campaign to drive them out of the realm of innocence and obedience to God.

NGOs have encouraged young girls to have ‘love marriage’ so often that universities and co-educational institutions offer examples from time to time. When a girl innocently told a classmate about her plan to marry her classmate, the devout friend tried to scare her away, but the student, who was planning to marry later, replied ۔ Here’s what makes it so difficult. We will go around all day, then I will go home at the appointed time, the parents will not know, so I will not be harmed. This incident was told to me again by his friend. We tried very hard to convince her, but she insisted on fulfilling her intention. The matter has gone far beyond that.

Most cases of gang rape are now happening. What a dire situation. In fact, the results of the co-education given by the West are bound to come out. When women study the male curriculum in a male-dominated environment, there is always an atmosphere of competition in the classroom, with the result that they continue to learn the lessons of gender equality.

یں۔ Women’s femininity is on the decline. Feminine responsibilities seem to be despised by them and the desire to perform only masculine tasks and responsibilities begins to take root in them. But the claims of nature are present in every case which keep rising all the time. Therefore, in this mixed environment, the fire of lust is always burning and hundreds of incidents of love and affection are repeated daily.

The purpose of Western education

In the eyes of the people of the West, since the purpose of every work is material, the purpose of teaching in the West is purely material. He gives man only the purpose of earning a living and satisfying his desires. Therefore, he also considers compensation as the desire of the body. Thus, even among Muslims, Western education was given under the guise of gaining valuable jobs. First, they were attacked and their livelihoods were closed. Then through their education they were deceived into jobs.

Today is the age of globalization. The United States wants to reap its economic benefits from the rest of the world, with the aim of getting cheaper labor for its products when it enters Muslim countries under the WTO World Trade Organization. That is possible only when women are out of the house to seek employment. If women are veiled and sitting at home, their interests cannot be served. So they want to get women out of the house for their own economic gain.

This is what Allama Akbar Allahabadi has described so beautifully
Leave religion, leave nation, change face, lose age
Only the clerk’s hope and so much trouble repent! Repent!

It is as if the purpose of women’s education in the West is in stark contrast to the purpose of Islam. Therefore, the results must be different. At present, the Western educated class is obsessed with getting as much wealth as possible. High house, expensive furniture, new model car, acquisition of status, the race for material interests. The market for bribery, usury and corruption is hot. Paris, London, Washington and New York are in sight. Children are being sent there in droves in the name of education. On the other hand, the customs of others are being adopted very fast. Eating, walking, meeting are the same western style. Nonsense rituals like kite flying and Valentine’s Day are being made a part of our culture while Islamic rituals are being ridiculed and ridiculed by Muslims themselves. If a non-Muslim and a Muslim student are standing somewhere, their dress and manner of speaking will be exactly the same. It is difficult to know whether any of them are Muslims or not. After all, why shouldn’t it happen when there is no arrangement for religious education, educational institutions should teach this environment. Children sleep on the tunes of the TV and open their eyes in the arms of the TV. If no one is seen at home praying or reciting the Qur’an, if there is no one who teaches Islam about halal and haraam, permissible and illegitimate, and reward, then this conclusion must be drawn.

The purpose of women’s education

Islam emphasizes women’s education and Western civilization also places great emphasis on women’s education but there is a big difference between the two goals. The nature and quality of the two teachings are also different due to different objectives.

Objectives of Islam regarding women’s education

In an important hadith of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, it is narrated from Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar that the Holy Prophet said:

“Listen! Every one of you is a guardian, and he will be questioned about his subjects (on the Day of Resurrection). A man is the guardian of his family. He will be questioned about his subjects and a woman will be questioned about her husband.” He is the guardian of the house and his children, he will be questioned about them, the slave is the guardian of his master’s property, he is responsible for it, listen! Every one of you is the guardian and he is responsible for it. Stripes will be asked. ” (Bukhari: 1)

The responsibilities of the husband and children on the woman

(1) The responsibilities and duties of a virtuous woman are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an as follows:

﴿فَالصّـٰلِحـٰتُ قـٰنِتـٰتٌ حـٰفِظـٰتٌ لِلغَيبِ بِما حَفِظَ اللَّهُ … ٣٤﴾ … سورة النساء

“The virtuous women are obedient, protecting their rights under the protection of God in the absence of men.”

(2) Similarly, in Surah Al-Rum, verse 3, it is stated:

“And of His Signs is that He has made pairs of you so that you may find comfort in them and He has created love and mercy between you. Surely in that are Signs for those who reflect.”

Both the above verses and the Prophetic Hadith prove that a woman should be obedient to her husband, protect his property, home and children well and make the house a source of comfort for her occupants. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) praised the women of the Quraish and said:

“The good women of Quraysh are also good. There are two things in them that are not in others. One is that they are very compassionate towards their children. The other is that they protect their husband’s property.” (Bukhari: 1)

In this sense, a woman’s education should be such that it can make her a good daughter, a faithful sister, an obedient wife and a compassionate mother. Primary education is very important. The primary education of a boy and a girl in the first five years should be the same from an Islamic point of view, ie it is necessary to teach every Muslim child that Allah Almighty is the Creator and Owner of the universe. He has taken care of the sustenance of all His creatures and we are all His servants, we must obey Him. Then in the heart of every Muslim child

The doctrine of Tawheed, the doctrine of Prophethood, the doctrine of the Hereafter and the importance of the Qur’an and Sunnah should be established. The image of disbelief, polytheism and atheism or the invalidity of secularism should be imprinted in their hearts. Then let them be recognized for their good deeds. Teach truth, cleanliness, punctuality, love, compassion and selflessness. Parents should provide them with a practical lesson in dealing with family members from their daily routines. Then the rules of purity, the method of ablution, the performance of prayers and fasting, the initial limits of halal and haraam, the rights of parents, relatives and neighbors, the style of modest dress and the favorite habits and customs of social life. Make them sit so that they can live a clean and pure Islamic life based on this basic education and teaching.

Much of the foundation of this early education is laid at home, that the mother’s lap is the first school of the innocent child. She plays a key role in protecting the child from paganism, misleading beliefs and frivolous customs through her home examples.

Afterwards, secondary education for female students should be in such a way that the teaching of Arabic language is compulsory so that the translation and interpretation of the Holy Qur’an can be understood and made possible for them. They can read the hadiths of their beloved prophet so that it can refine their beliefs and morals. Let them be acquainted with the character of the righteous. They should be made aware of the disadvantages of disobedience to Allah Almighty and disobedience of the Messengers. They should be made aware of the limits of chastity and seventy and hijab. At least they should learn the basic issues of the religion to the extent that they can live a true Islamic life, then they should be taught the history of the prophets and the history of their predecessors. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with the history of the Prophets and the Rightly Guided Caliphs so that the imprint on the heart of the child becomes deep and strong that only good and virtuous people can carry out the work of construction and development in the world and serve mankind. Tyrants and oppressors have always been the cause of corruption and destruction in the world. It should also be inculcated in their minds that only Islam is the guarantor of their welfare.

Separate curriculum for women

Education is essential for women to help in the upbringing, training and character building of children. Therefore, he must learn the things that he has to do at home all his life, such as:

(1) Household: Preparing nutritious food with available resources.

(2) Sewing according to the needs of the house and making useless things useful, patching the torn clothes and making them reusable.

(3) To prepare clothes keeping in view the limits of seventy according to the season, then there should also be a style of wearing clothes, so that the clothes which are less expensive than cleanliness can also be made beautiful.

(4) Tidiness and order are very important in house cleaning and decoration. Less expensive but neatly placed goods look more elegant and beautiful than expensive, but randomly placed goods. While the woman’s modesty and pomp disperse and ruin the whole house.

(5) Preparing the budget of the house: Spread your legs according to your chador so that there is no time to ask for a loan from anyone. It is important to prioritize the essentials and ignore the luxuries and decorations.

(6) Arranging the house in such a way that peace and contentment is available in the house for everyone, they should be provided comfort keeping in view the needs and preferences of everyone. Take care of the sick, arrange for the children to be educated. Family members should treat each other with love and kindness. The Holy Qur’an has said that the most important attribute of a home is its peace and contentment. Therefore, a woman should be taught how to maintain pleasant relations with loved ones, relatives and neighbors. Should

(7) First aid or first aid and care of patients etc.

(8) Early familiarity is also required to fix electrical household appliances.

(9) Women must also be given military training so that they can defend and protect themselves. They don’t have to worry when they need to.

Higher education

In addition to the above education, there are fields of teaching and medicine for women who need further education, they can go far in the field of science and literature. Can take nursing and home economics courses. Work that can be done within the confines of the home, the woman should know. In these courses, it is very important to keep in mind the psychological, personality and natural duties of women, such as

(1) The position of women and their rights and duties

(2) Islamic strategy regarding the realm of marriage and the duty of motherhood

(3) Religious, scientific, literary, national, welfare and educational and authorial activities of women from the time of Prophet to the present day.

(4) Critical review of the theory of the development of women and the equality of men and women

(5) The wisdom and expediency of religious rules in the light of rational experiments and observations on the subject of the veil

(6) Comparative study of world religions and Islamic sciences and the superiority of Islam

It is necessary to give a deep awareness of the Qur’an and Sunnah and to make the life of the Holy Prophet the center of life. Such women should have expertise on issues and topics.


Then women who want to find a suitable job in their field must observe the condition of hijab and hijab. Carry out your outdoor activities with simplicity and dignity. But it is important to remember that in any case, the woman’s scope is her home, her husband, children and other family members. Out-of-home employment at the expense of home damages

Contrary to M’s default program. In addition, her chastity was safe and secure. It would be a great loss if there was ever a dirty splatter on modesty.

Required strategy

Our media, government sector and the Western lobby are determined to paint the atmosphere of the beloved homeland in the colors of the West. In such cases, it may be up to the religious movements to take countermeasures for the women abuse program.

Praise be to God! The pious and suffering class of the beloved homeland has been trying to fulfill its duties in every era. Today, many women’s madrassas are trying to fulfill their responsibilities in this regard. And women are being encouraged to take refuge in the shadow of Islam in peace and tranquility to escape the deceptive tricks of the enemy. Thus, positive progress has been made by Muslim movements since the 1980s. We are acutely aware that the war in the Western lobby is a big one. They have a lot of resources behind them, our state media is also supporting them. Worst of all, the UN is providing them with all kinds of material and moral support.

Of course, we do not have those resources, but we have the absolute belief that in the rise and fall of the United Nations, it has been the same thing that when a woman is in her right place and she has performed her natural duties responsibly, life For all sectors of society, civilized, capable and hardworking people became abundant and then the chapter of prosperity and blessings began to open on them and all this can happen only when every man and every woman is equipped with religious education and adheres to it. Deprivation of respect for women and deprivation of children to their mothers is the worst condition of any society. When the housewife does not stay at home but goes out to earn money, the disorder and chaos in the house will lead to step by step violation of the higher values ​​of life and peace and tranquility in the society. Therefore, it is the result of a woman getting the right respect. A woman’s correct religious education and right attitude …

The teaching of Qur’an and Sunnah is enriching us with the perfect belief and experience and observation is the seal on its back that the wide network of Shariat School College will open the way for us to succeed and solve the problems of our women. Will do Therefore, we need to expand our efforts more widely. Sharia schools and colleges should be set up on a large scale to make Islamic education a part of their daily curriculum. Those whose environment is Islamic should be encouraged to participate in extra-curricular and extra-curricular activities keeping in view the requirements of hijab. Emphasis should be placed on women’s religious education in private TV channels, newspapers and press conferences.

Let our teachers, scholars, journalists, politicians and all others work together to give women the status and rights that Islam has given them. For this purpose, the deception of the Western ideology should be made clear to all that it is a poison killer in favor of women but also in favor of society itself. On the contrary, the system given by Islam is very attractive not only for Muslim women but also for non-Muslim women all over the world and it is also economically useful for Muslim society. With this system, only a handful of naughty nature and wandering women can be bothered by those who distort their nature and imitate the West and consider mixed employment as a means to live a few days of enjoyment in the concept of equality. It is the duty of Muslim women to make such women incomparable by conducting a great scholarly trial!

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