The monkey slaps the tiger strongly, Video goes Viral

An old video is becoming viral on social media. Climbing the tree, the monkey gave the tiger a strong slap (Monkey Slaps Tiger). Where was the tiger going to sit silent, when he came to attack, the monkey again enjoyed him a lot.

An old video is becoming viral on social media, by seeing it, you will laugh and laugh. Monkeys are considered the evilest animals. They somehow disturb the other animals. This time the monkey enjoyed the tiger. Yes, after climbing the tree, the monkey gave a strong slap to the tiger (Monkey Slaps Tiger). Where was the tiger going to sit calmly, as soon as he leapt into the air to attack, the monkey enjoyed it by hanging on the tree.

It can be seen in the video that the tiger was sitting under the tree. The monkey was sitting above, he came to the tiger and slapped and sat up. As soon as the slap came, the tiger stood up and tried to attack the monkey. The monkey did not stop here, he started hanging on the tree to enjoy more of the tiger. He enjoyed the tiger until he was tired.


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