The number of coronavirus patients worldwide exceeds 5 million

The number of coronavirus patients worldwide has exceeded 5 million.

Last week, more cases of corona virus were reported in Latin America on a daily basis than in the United States and Europe.
Such a large number of cases is pointing to a new phase in the spread of the virus, according to Reuters. Corona cases increased in China in February, after which the corona virus spread to Europe and the United States.

Most cases have been reported from Brazil, which has recently become the third largest country in the world after Germany, France and the United Kingdom, with the highest number of reported cases of corona virus after the United States and Russia.
According to Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the death toll from Corona in Brazil has risen to 18,859, while the number of people affected in the country has reached 291,579.

Despite the increase in cases, many countries around the world have opened not only schools but also businesses.
On the other hand, the World Health Organization has said that the number of cases of coronavirus has increased by one hundred and six thousand during the last 24 hours.
According to Reuters, this is the highest number of cases of coronavirus in a single day since the outbreak.

One lakh 81,700 people in France have been infected with the corona (Photo: AFP)

“We are very concerned about the growing number of cases in low- and middle-income countries,” said Tedros Adhnom, head of the World Health Organization.
Globally, the coronavirus has killed 328,120 people worldwide so far.

According to Johns Hopkins University in the United States, 93,439 deaths have been reported so far in the United States, the largest country infected with the corona virus, while the number of victims is 1,551,853.
In Italy, 32,330 people have died, while the number of patients in the country is 227,364.

Similarly, France is one of the major countries affected by the corona virus where more than 28,000 people have lost their lives due to corona so far while the total number of patients with the virus in the country is 181,700.
Another European country, Spain, has also seen thousands of deaths from the corona virus. So far, 27,888 people have died in Spain, while the number of patients is 232,555.

The number of Corona patients in India has risen to 112,359
According to Urdu News correspondent Shabano Ali from Mumbai, fresh positive cases have been breaking records in India for the past two days. More than 5,000 fresh COD-19 positive cases have come to light in 24 hours for two consecutive days.

Five thousand cases of corona are coming to light in India in one day (Photo: AFP)

In the western state of Maharashtra, more than 2,000 cases were reported for the fourth day in a row, while in Delhi, more than 500 new cases were recorded in the last 24 hours.
According to the latest record released by the Indian Ministry of Health, 5,609 new cases were reported on Thursday and the number of positive cases in Corona rose to 112,359, of which 63,624 were active cases and 45 were active cases. More than a thousand people have recovered.

Earlier on Wednesday, when the Ministry of Health released the figures, it also reported 5,600 new cases in 24 hours, ie more than 11,000 cases in two days.

Corona has killed 132 more people in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 3,435. In one day, 65 people were killed in Maharashtra alone. In Maharashtra alone, about 40,000 cases of corona have been reported, while about 1,400 people have died so far.
If Mumbai, the economic capital of India, is the worst in the country, then Delhi, the political capital, is also behind it. In the last 24 hours, 534 new cases have been reported in Delhi and so far more than 11,000 people have been infected with the virus.

The southern state of Tamil Nadu is now second only to Gujarat.
Meanwhile, India has decided to open local flights. All local flights for different routes are being launched from the 25th, but with the new rules and regulations. Guidelines for its operation will be issued soon.

It is believed that the service is being launched two months later as domestic flights were closed on March 25 after the implementation of the lockdown.
Under the new guidelines, it is being said that the middle seats in the flight will remain vacant, but with reference to the Minister of Civil Aviation, it has also been reported that the middle seats will not be left vacant.

On the other hand, Indian Railways has said that 200 special trains will be run from June 1, for which booking of tickets is being started from 10 am on Thursday.

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