The scandal of Imported VC of GCU:- Azeem Butt

Despite all the happenings, no necessary action has been taken by the concerned higher authorities so far. It is a moral duty to once again highlight you of the serious situation so it’s not too late;

• First time in the history of GC University, Academic Staff Association (GCU) on one side is conducting activities in collaboration with the VC and upon VC directions holding press conferences against Education Minister and Governor regarding the recent University Act forwarded by the Punjab Law Department. Question is why the VC, Prof Asghar Zaidi, who advocates openly accountability and transparency is feared and against when it comes to his own self. Why he is conspiring with Punjab University’s friend Mumtaz Anwar, ASA president through GCU’s ASA president against the Chancellor and Education Minister. VC is educating the Higher Education Minister through his recent tweet “Now the sense prevails”.

• Just imagine how the VC is treating faculty and staff members of GCU when he is not even sparing the higher Government officials including politicians and sitting government ministers. In his another tweet “Can someone show me one good university in the world that runs well under the command of government” and he further added that government should realize that VC is VC and not a deputy secretary.

• First time in the history, GC University has been ranked at 86th amongst 100 universities ranked by HEC in the online readiness. It should be noted that VC has publicized regarding the university preparation to Education Minister and Chancellor frequently but the HEC ranking is an eye-opener for the concerned authorities.

Azeem Butt
Court Reporter, Investigative Journalist
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