The scientist who saved himself by stabbing a lion

A 32-year-old wildlife scientist was at the edge to lost his life when a lion entered his tent during his sleep and tried to bite him.

Meanwhile, Goetz-Neff’s arm was in the lion’s jaw, but he did not give up and kept attacking the lion’s face. During this time, he suffered 16 different tooth-bruising wounds on his arm, all of which had different depths.

According to details, he was sobbing in his camp after a busy day in the forest of Botswana when he heard someone roaring in the dark of night. He then saw the nose of an animal outside the open part of the tent, which he tried to punch away. It was a tiger that made him even angrier. He screamed for help but the lion grabbed his arm in its jaw and tried to tear it apart.

He groaned in pain and then received more punches at the lion. But in the meantime, the lion tried to chew on his neck and head, injuring his forehead and tightening his grip on Gotz’s arm.

Luckily, in another tent, his friend woke up and attacked the lion with a branch and chased him away. The two experts were working on a National Geographic research project. In addition to the branch, nearby elephant dung was also thrown at the lion.

The lion then moved away for a while but moved forward again because he was very hungry. Meanwhile, a bright shell gun was fired and the lion ran away. The critically injured specialist was rushed to a hospital 80km away where he is recovering well.

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