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The smallest but a weakest black hole in the universe is discovered

Ohio: A hot news has come from the far reaches of the universe that, to our knowledge, the smallest black hole has been discovered so far that may require reviewing the ideas behind the formation of the black hole itself.

The diameter of this black hole is only 20km and it revolves around a very large star but is unable to grab it or steal its substance. In 83 days, this black hole completes its cycle and is estimated to be 10,000 light-years away from Earth.

The discovery of this strange black hole goes to Todd Thompson and his colleagues at Ohio State University. It is not stealing any gas or substance from its fellow stars. Experts have discovered the black hole from the shaking of big stars. This is how experts discover planets outside the solar system.
However, the smallest black hole remains to be confirmed. Its shortness is only three and a half times higher than our sun, which is the strongest evidence of its smallest black hole.

If a neutron star or black hole is twice the size of our Sun to five times its size, then experts call it a “mass gap” or a mass gap. Neutrons are stars or black holes are both created by the explosion of very large stars. By researching them, we can tell how very large and weak stars come into existence and which of these stars can explode and become supernovae.

On this basis, Todd Thompson says that perhaps we are going to discover a new type of small black hole and need to be accurately graded. On this basis, there is a need for further research on small black holes and neutron stars.

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