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Azeem Butt

The birth of a child, his parents, regardless of their religion or nationality, prefer to teach their child the truth first. Every parent’s upbringing is based on the teachings of truth, for which each country and religion has created its own history to tell the stories of truth to its children. During the upbringing, the parents insist that the son should know, but do not give up the truth and the same teachings are given by the teachers in the classrooms with great enthusiasm. But the attitude of hypocrisy that I have felt in the land of the subcontinent is not in any country in the world, nor in any religion, that a child who is trained to be truthful and rejuvenated is disrespectful to himself when he speaks the truth in his youth.

What kind of titles do fools and relatives bestow on love ones and parents, and those in power who are the guardians of society and the law call you a traitor hundred of steps ahead of all these titles? The person who is trained not to compromise on the truth is instructed at the same time that if you do not do hypocrisy then how will you survive and if you are alone then in your cycle we will also lose money without any reason. The destruction of will be in return for the lawsuits against you, so we can’t handle this mess, so you control your tongue, the truth of your years of lies cannot be erased. A sensible personally failed to understand that twenty years ago today, as a child, these same people taught me to tell the truth by telling me hundreds of stories to teach me. This is what is teaching me hypocrisy today. That it is against religion as well as against humanity and morality is only for its own benefit, but this thought grows in the person who, by the grace of God, is awakening his conscience.

Certificates of treason are distributed in Pakistan in the same way as visiting cards are printed from a printing press market near Lakshmi Chowk, Lahore. Anyone who speaks for the supremacy of the Constitution of Pakistan and their constitutional rights in this country. He will speak, he will be a traitor. In this country, he does not become a traitor. He is made by force. The way in which the next generation is being pushed into prejudiced thinking from a distorted history of a particular way of thinking taught in the Pakistani curriculum is as dangerous to this country as it was in East Pakistan here before 1971. Tax bias was spread on which Lieutenant General (retd) Abdul Majeed Malik’s book “We were also there” and Siddique Salik’s book “I saw Dhaka sinking” have an important historical background and a treasure trove of facts. In this country, Fatima Jinnah, the sister of the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the mother of the nation, was declared a traitor and a planner to break up the country and the unconstitutional and undemocratic dictator who came against her is still in the curriculum.

It is said that he was the same dictator whose promotion was stopped by Quaid-e-Azam because he used to spy on the soldiers who were pro-independence against the British as a captain before the formation of Pakistan in the British Indian Army. In this country, Abdul Wali Khan, Bacha Khan and GM Syed are called traitors, while they were the ones who sided with the British spies and the rival leader’s sister. In our country, political and social leaders as well as journalists who raise the awareness of the truth are blacklisted and suppressed in such a way that either they would leave this world or they would be exiled or they would be brought to these conditions.

The recent kidnapping of a well-known journalist and the imposition of journalistic censorship on him for a long time is a telling example. For the past five years, I’ll carry out journalistic responsibilities at various levels, and not only has he spent six months in his youth but also the FIA ​​and cyber law to raise awareness of the will of the people and freedom of expression. Cases are also being registered on social networking from time to time by blocking IDs and pages. Careers are being harmed so far. However, determination and conscience are still alive, but perhaps another traitor has been added in history Because the world has always seen and remembered the one who fought for the cause of the people as a traitor.

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