The use of ‘robotic dogs’ to keep distance between people

The dog does not bite or bark because it is designed to keep people socially apart in Singapore.

Singapore has recently experimentally deployed some robotic dogs in parks and busy areas. There is a recording in the voice of a woman in a yellow and black dog, asking her to keep a distance of one meter from the people around her to keep Singapore healthy, thank you.

It should be noted that these dogs have been developed by the American firm Boston Dynamics which is being used to keep distance between the people of Singapore. This experience has been appreciated by many while some have criticized it. The Singapore government officially announced it on Friday and sent it to a park in the first phase.

A dog named Spot patrols an area of ​​two miles. It can be seen in Singapore’s Bishan Eng Mo Kaiyo Park, which is also a large and famous park. According to the government, the robot dog will remain in the environment for two weeks and if the experiment is successful, more robotic animals will be used in Singapore.

The spot robot has special sensors and cameras that prevent it from colliding and confusing people. Then its speed is kept so slow that people are not afraid of it, but it keeps repeating its recorded appeal to keep distance from each other for their health.

The Singapore government has said no personal data or photos will be taken of any of the men and no cameras will be used to identify anyone.
It should be noted that the Singapore government has taken very strict measures to prevent the coronavirus, where more than 200 cases have been reported so far. However, the government has tested thousands of people

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