The world’s best, useful and free apps to install now

You will be reading about countless apps every day, but you will definitely like a selection of useful and free apps from Raabta as these apps can work from battery saving to saving lives.

Powerful app to extend the phone battery life

Caspers Battery Life

In the hard drive of a mobile phone, we are most concerned about the battery. The extremely useful Caspers battery life available for free can make your life easier. With this instant launch app, you can determine how long the battery will be fully charged. It also states the exact battery status, how many hours or minutes the battery will go silent. Similarly, the app tells you which applications you can save on battery power by shutting down.

Life-saving app

First Aid

This is a very useful app developed by the British Red Cross, which details the first aid of all kinds. This app provides information on first aid provided in every emergency, from diabetes to anesthesia and heart attacks. There is also a way to prevent accidents and injuries in the home. Please enter a web address note

Fight the brain and make it powerful

There are thousands of apps to improve mental capacity, but experts consider Elevate to be just a little better. This app provides a variety of brain exercises and exercises that help improve memory, focus and focus, solving math problems. The app also monitors your mental performance. Web address note formats

Make your phone a dashboard camera


Nexar is a great app if you want to save the entire trip to the camera while driving. You can record your journey depending on insurance, social and other needs. This is an intelligent app that also keeps track of the speed and direction of the vehicle in front.

Change your life


This app guides you and gives you life-enhancing tips, from sleeping to waking. Like a good friend, this app can help you get rid of your bad habits. First, it gives you easily performed challenges and tasks, such as drinking water, sleeping better, eating healthier and self-esteem. The web address is

Stay away from the harmful effects of phones in the dark


At night we carry smartphones with us and even look at them before sleep but very few people are aware of the ill effects of mobile blue light. This exciting app keeps your blue light low and high, taking care of it day and night. Keep in mind that keeping an eye on the mobile screen late at night is very damaging. Twilight puts a red filter on the screen at night so that your eyes don’t get stressed. To do this, go to Night Shift Mode and protect your eyesight on the app. Download the app for free from

All these apps are available for free for Android and iPhone.

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