There was no fault in the landing gear of the plane: Air Marshal Arshad Malik

KARACHI: PIA Chief Executive Officer Air Marshal Arshad Malik has said that the crashed plane was technically fully fit and was recently inspected. There is no truth in the reports of malfunction in the landing gear of the plane. An international team will be called in to investigate the crash.

He told an emergency press conference at the PIA Training Center auditorium that the crashed plane was technically fully fit and had been added to the PIA fleet after being leased in 2014.

The aircraft was clear and fully certified and during the previous operation all the necessary checks of the aircraft were completed in time while the most important inspection check of the aircraft engine and other equipment called Alpha was completed in March this year.

Arshad Malik said that there was no technical fault in any part of the plane including the main landing gear, rumors are circulating in this regard which have no veracity.

How did the accident happen? There will be a transparent investigation, international experts will be called for an inquiry, a summary of which has been prepared, while the plane crash in Pakistan will be investigated by the Safety Investigation Board, it is an independent investigative body. I have no role in PIA.

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