These exercises will strengthen the grip of the hand

Children’s fingers get good exercise while playing with clay. There are many such games which strengthen the grip power of their hands. With time, the hand becomes firmer, but we should keep doing such exercises that keep the grip of the fingers. Today we are telling you about three such exercises that can be done at home very easily and in a short time.

Warmup like this

If you feel pain or stiffness in the fingers, then warm-up before exercising. This will make it easier to bend and stretch the fingers. Soak the heating pad in hot water for five to ten minutes. Massage the oil and wear a rubber grab and moisten it with lukewarm water.

Finger lift keep 

Palms upright on the table. Take each finger comfortably above the surface and bring it down. All fingers and thumbs can also be lifted up and down together. Repeat it eight to 12 times with each hand. 
Benefits: Fingers flexibility.

Thumb extensions keep the

Arm straight on the table. Tie a rubber band on your hand in such a way that it is at the joint of the fingers. Now try to move your thumb as far as you can from the fingers. In this state, stop for 30 to 60 seconds. There should be a 48-hour interval between the two exercises.
Benefits: Doing this exercise will strengthen the muscles of the thumb and fingers. You will be helped to hold and lift heavy things like cans and bottles.

Thumb touch

Keep your hand in front, the wrist will be straight. Now without putting too much emphasis, touch the thumb by moving it on the knuckles of each finger. Touch one finger with the thumb at a time and draw the letter ‘O’ in English. While doing this, keep the finger-thumb steady for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat this exercise four times with one hand. 
Benefits: Increases thumb mobility, which helps in moving the pen.

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