Top 10 easiest tips to lose weight are here

How to Lose Weight Fast: A female body needs about 1200 calories and a male body needs about 1500 calories.

How to control weight: Who doesn’t like a fit body? In the desire of this perfect figure, we try not to follow any kind of diet plan, sometimes we cut the fat enhancing things from our own diet. But once we lose weight, what do we do? Forgetting the diet plan, you start eating old things again and once again the same old heavy body in the results. If you want to keep your body always in shape and look fit every day, then always remember these 10 tips. 

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss

Let us tell you that a female body needs about 1200 calories and a male body needs about 1500 calories. In such a situation, with these 10 tips, you will need to reduce calories as well as increase daily activities to maintain your fit body. Like walking more daily, taking stairs instead of lift, etc.  

1. Include vegetables, fruits and wheat in the diet. 
2. Increase intake of complex carbohydrates foods like bran wheat, jowar and millet. 
3. Do not eat refined flour and products made from it like bread, noodles, macaroni and pasta.
4. Eat less fat and cholesterol rich food. Intake of the remaining eggs, dairy products, butter, ghee, vegetable and coconut oil.
5. Eat less sweet or sugar.

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6. Eat raw fruits and vegetables as a salad. These will give your body the necessary vitamins, minerals and fibre. Fibre will keep your digestion better. Will help in controlling obesity and heart-related problems. 
7. Eat less amount of salt. 
8. Eat food in small portions throughout the day. Do not fill your stomach too much. Do not miss any miles. Eat small miles daily. 
9. Do not eat while cooking and watching TV. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.
10. Exercise regularly. Do bricks walking 20 to 40 minutes a day. Aerobic exercise is the best for losing weight and maintaining it. 

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