Transgender’s life:- Usama Bin Khalid

Transgenders are also part of our community. They are the creature of GOD. Society is now going in insolation and they are getting afraid of it. Society has gone isolation now due to COVID-19 which spread rapidly in Pakistan. Society did not expect transgender even in the 21st century. Living in isolation is not new for the transgender. When the government announces that people should live in isolation this thing is not new for this community because they are already living in isolation because they are not living in-home or with their siblings and relatives. They don’t have a huge group of people to meet because no one wants to be their friends. Transgender are fighting or their right for many years. The transgender community faces many problems more than corona.

Transgenders face poverty, sexual abuse, and harassment as well. They don’t have parent ownership and any place in society. They face violence and discrimination everywhere. People think they are a curse from GOD or there is some kind of punishment for their parents from GOD. They think there is no justice, fairness, and humanity in society for them.

This society doesn’t have manner and sense either. If we develop humanity in our self, we don’t have the fear of death because we know that we are good Muslims and one day we will die and we should have accountability for our deeds. But from the past few years some of the transgender are getting the education and people are trying to be good with them. Slowly they are getting the jobs. Few transgenders are also resenting Pakistan on the international level as well.

As per we are humans, we should have some soft Conner in our hearts for them and treat them as normal human beings. Government and private companies must have provided jobs to those transgenders who are educated. Parents of transgenders should not ashamed of them because they are the creature of GOD, we don’t make them parents should give them name ownership.

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