Turkish GP: the fastest in wet and wild end practice Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has been practicing hat tricks as heavy rain drops on the Istanbul Park circuit described as a “ice rink” even at dry; Charles Leclerc, second and Lewis Hamilton, does not set the time;

In the second round the McLaren driver was struggling to respond to the damp weather conditions in Istanbul Park in final session.
In Turkish GP final practice Max Verstappen set pace under tough wet conditions as heavy rainfall caused drivers even more difficulties at the “ice rink” of a grip-free Istanbul Park track.

The rain began on Saturday morning and grew heavier with the Red Bull’s best 1:48.485 Verstappen’s fastest time – almost a second off from Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

Turkish GP: watch the qualification live on Sky F1 at 12 p.m.
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Lewis Hamilton said during a session that involved rotations and drives, he did not complete three laps on full-wet tyres, and he refused to set time, “THIS is as close to drive on ice as you can.”

The last thing many drivers needed and things got too bad at the end of P3 was waters on a track that was described “terrifiy,” also in the dry weather on Friday. Most of them opted to remain in their garage.

“I don’t think if the conditions are like that they should begin qualifying,” Johnny Herbert of Sky F1 said.

During the tough final testing session of the Turkish Grand Prix, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc nearly smashed through the fence.
However, before the qualification, there is an unexpected shootout expected to be a break in the showers.

Sky Sports F1 is live at 12pm and built up at am. Qualified is live.

The latest redesigned Istanbul Park track, which returns in F1 after nine years, was havocful over the weekend and the end of the training session on Saturday was the most messy of the activities.

Drivers began with intermediate tires, but spins became possible even though the rain did not hammer down. Later on after losing control, Leclerc, Carlos Sainz from McLaren and Antonio Giovinazzi from Alfa Romeo barely avoided barriers.

Antonio Giovinazzi has shown that his Alfa Romeo has been turned away at the same location as Carlos Sainz.
Heavier rain at the end of the hour led to damp pneumatic tyres. Daniil Kvyat described this as “ice cycling,” and Hamilton, 6 times world champion and fail to limp across the Mercedes circuit.

The end result was a trick from Verstappen’s most quick practice times, and Alex Albon looked competitive in third position in the Red Bull. In five seconds from Verstappen he and Leclerc were the only drivers.

“I sure hope this will be quick for us in the coming 20 minutes and we’re going to take an hour and a half without rain in Qualy,” says Karun Chandhok Sky F1.

This lap from Valtteri Bottas reveals how rough the conditions at the Turkish Grand Prix during the final session.
“We need a happy wet but enjoyable race mix and not a condition where they have to conduct these cars on track too timidly.

When to look at Sky F1’s Turkish GP
“We don’t have people clearing the track this weekend, so if it stays like that we don’t have a help run, the water can just stay on the road and that could be a red flag scenario for a qualification.

“Let’s tie down our fingers.”

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