Twitter and Facebook closed thousands of accounts based on political propaganda

Over the past few days, Facebook and Twitter have closed close to 6,000 accounts that contain inconsistent articles and propaganda on political topics.

Facebook and Twitter have closed close to 6,000 accounts after thorough research on using their platform for political purposes. In addition, numerous pages, groups and posts have also been closed. According to the two companies, most pages are closed from Saudi Arabia, with a total number of more than 5,929.
Facebook has also seen over 88,000 accounts from Saudi Arabia, saying they were part of a larger negative propaganda that was being run on all topics.
In addition, the Georgia-based network also closed 39 Facebook accounts, 350 pages, 13 groups and 22 instagram accounts. Vietnam and the United States have closed 620 accounts, 89 Facebook pages and 72 Instagram accounts.

However, some pages had fake news and those profiles were fake. Asmat, a company interpreting the royal family in Saudi Arabia, also hired two Twitter employees to identify accounts across the network that were criticizing the Saudi family.

Interestingly, the Twitter and Facebook accounts run by Saudi Arabia were full of anti-Iran and anti-Qatari messages. Many hashtags were designated as the special emblem and were criticized incorrectly.

Twitter also blocked 4779 accounts belonging to Iran and Facebook also closed a total of 800 pages and 36 accounts.

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