Twitter told Trump’s tweet was confusing, US President furious, said- ‘I will stop social media’

Twitter has labeled Trump’s two tweets as ‘Unsubstantiated’ which means baseless. Furious with this, Trump threatened to shut down social media.


US President Donald Trump, who spent half of his presidential term on Twitter, erupted on Wednesday when the microblogging site fact-checked two of his tweets. The social media platform labelled his two tweets as ‘Unsubstantiated’, meaningless, for which there is no evidence. Furious with this, Trump threatened to shut down social media. Trump said that Republican lawmakers feel that social media platforms try to suppress Conservative voices, these platforms will be closed before this happens.

Trump wrote in his tweet on Wednesday, ‘Republicans feel that social media platforms try to suppress Conservative voices. Before we let them do this, strict rules will be imposed before them or they will be completely stopped.

Let us know that Trump had tweeted on Tuesday about Mail-in Voting. In this, he had said that fraud in mail-in voting will increase and rigging. However, he did not provide any reasoning or evidence behind his claim.

On his tweets, Twitter posted a link that read the facts on mail-in ballots. This was also special because Twitter had been requesting for a fact check or verification on Trump’s tweets for a long time, but he had not taken any such step so far. But this time, Twitter warned users about Trump’s tweet that their facts are wrong and it has been debunked by the fact checkers. 

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After this move of Twitter, Trump said that mail-in ballots should not be replaced in the country. This will increase fraud and forgery and theft of ballots. He said, ‘Whoever does more fraud will win. Like social media.

Trump once again accused social media platforms of manipulating the 2016 presidential elections and said he would try to do the same this time. Let us know that US presidential elections are to be held in November 2020.

Naeem Ur Rehman

Written by Naeem Ur Rehman

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