The University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore has issued a public notice requiring MBBS and BDS applicants to prepare papers for admission to Punjab’s Government Medical and Dental Colleges. The admission procedure for the MBBS/BDS programme in Punjab’s Government Medical and Dental Institutions will start soon. The admissions timetable and online application process will be publicised separately. The purpose of this public notice is to notify prospective applicants about the papers needed for admissions so that they may prepare them ahead of time.

Aspiring applicants should be aware that while submitting online applications, they will be expected to include specific MANDATORY documents, failing which their application will be considered incomplete and will be rejected. The list of these required papers is given below for the candidates’ convenience. They are recommended to create a digital copy of these papers in advance using a mobile device or scanner to prevent any trouble while completing the online admissions application:

Basic mandatory documents for all categories of seats

(Open Merit, Under-Developed Districts, Students with Disabilities, Cholistan and Overseas Pakistanis/Dual Nationality Holders of Pakistani Origin)

  • Matriculation (SSC) certificate or result card issued by concerned BISE/Equivalence Certificate of O-Level, etc., issued by the IBCC;
  • HSSC Pre-Medical result issued by concerned BISE /Equivalence Certificate of foreign examination (A-Level, IB, American 12th Grade, etc.) issued by the IBCC. The candidates having foreign qualification shall also upload their original results issued by the foreign university/board/school showing their grades in science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics/Mathematics);
  • The candidates having foreign qualification equivalent to Pakistani HSSC (e.g., A-Level, IB, American 12th Grade, etc.) shall have to submit, along with their Equivalence Certificate, a Letter of Equivalence of Grades in Science Subjects (i.e., Biology, Chemistry and Physics/Mathematics), issued separately by IBCC. This is mandatory because as per the directions of Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) the merit shall be calculated by using the marks in science subjects only of HSSC/equivalent exam;
  • MDCAT result card issued by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). The repeating candidates can use their MDCAT-2020 result, however, in their applications they will enter the score as equated by the PMC for this year;
  • Domicile certificate of the candidate (In case of Overseas Pakistanis/Dual Nationality Holders category only, Punjab domicile of Overseas Father/Mother shall also be acceptable for candidates born outside Pakistan);
  • Valid CNIC/CRC/NICOP/Passport of the candidate;
  • Valid CNIC/NICOP/Passport of Father / Mother of the candidate;
  • Recent passport size color photograph of the candidate taken in a white or sky blue background;
  • Specimen signatures and left thumb impression (LTI) of the candidate in blue/black ink on a white paper;
  • Hifz-e-Quran Certificate issued by the Wafaq ul Madaris in case of Pakistani candidate and relevant national authority in case of Overseas candidate (only for candidates claiming to be Huffaz-e-Quran).

Important instructions with regards to submission of documents:

Please note that:

  • Unless you have submitted all required documents, your application will be considered incomplete. If you apply for more than one category, you must upload additional mandatory documents for that category along with all basic documents. Receipts of under-preparation documents (e.g., Domicile, CNIC, etc.) shall not be accepted.
  • Ensure that all information on the document is readable. If a document is in a language other than English, a certified English translation from concerned embassy must also be included.
  • Scan your document in black and white. Scanning at a resolution of 300 DPI is recommended. File size should not exceed 2.0 MB per document. Please note that the PHOTOGRAPH and the SIGNATURE have to be uploaded in JPEG, JPG or PNG format only. The other DOCUMENTS must be in PDF format.
  • Ensure that the scanned document orientation matches the original. For example, documents that are printed vertically (portrait) should be scanned so that they appear in portrait format. Documents printed horizontally (landscape) should appear in landscape format
  • Do not upload all your supporting documents as one file. Create one PDF with label for each type of document you are required to upload. However, you can make a single file of multiple documents of similar nature, e.g., school leaving certificates/ provisional certificates for under-developed districts’ seats.
  • Multipage documents (e.g., passport) or double-sided documents (e.g., CNIC) should be saved as a single PDF document. Please ensure that all pages of the document are in the correct order.
  • All documents must be saved in an unsecured and labeled PDF format before they can be uploaded. Your PDF document must not be password protected.
  • Do not deform the picture or signature by shrinking the width (cone head effect). Any editing must keep the same proportions and quality.
  • Don’t get your documents, especially photographs and identity documents, scanned from an unknown person or share your digitized data with strangers.
  • CAUTION: It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to submit correct and complete documents with his/her application. The aspiring candidates are cautioned that each and every document they submit shall be thoroughly scrutinized. The applicants who are found to have submitted forged/fake/fabricated documents shall be debarred from admissions for a period of seven (07) years under the provisions of the Prospectus.

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