UHS MBBS/BDS Admission 2021

UHS MBBS and BDS Admissions are open now

The University of Health Sciences, Lahore is a globally recognised student-centered research university with a commitment to enhance the quality of health care to the community. It governs and directs the operations of medical education, teaching and research establishments in the whole of Punjab. It also conducts the Medical and Dental College Admission Examination (also known as MDCAT) every year for admission to MBBS and BDS degree programmes in public and private medical and dental colleges in Punjab.

It was ranked 2nd in the national university rankings of the Higher Education Commission (Pakistan) for 2012 in the medical and health sciences universities and 8th in the list of the top 10 higher education institutions in Pakistan.

UHS MBBS/BDS Admission 2021

UHS Admission 2021 portal is open for registration. It provides post-graduate courses in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, the health and biotechnology. Only undergraduate courses are offered in associated campuses in medicine and dentistry. No private university or graduation institute (DAI) in Punjab can offer undergraduate degrees in medicine (MBBS) and dentistry (BDS) without affiliation to the University of Health Sciences, Lahore.

Here is the List of Undergraduate and PostGraduate Programs, Where you Can Get Admission.

  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • DPT. Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • B.S. Public Health
  • B.S. Genetics & Molecular Biology
  • B.S. Biomedical Sciences

UHS Online Admission Portal

UHS is the university for all Punjab public health institutes. In various regions, the UHS provides MBBS/BDS as well as a diverse BS/BS curriculum.

In subsequent disclines, UHS Mphil admissions 2020 are free.

  • Health Natural Sciences
  • Technology in the medical lab
  • Education of MPHE-Master in Fitness
  • Msc Career Recognition

Online Admission Method

The entry process is entirely online. Carefully observe these steps. I propose that I read twice and pose in the comment box questions.

  • In order to complete the application form correctly, the applicant should read the directions carefully and follow them. The applicant has a choice for signing out at any point but shouldn’t fail to “SAVE” his/her entries.
  • Any time you log in to the admission Site, and click on “In-Process application.” You will be able to access your form. The candidate may have an application form printed anytime yet labelled at the top of the application as “DRAFT COPY,” which indicates that the application form has not been filed and is thus not acceptable for a fee filing.
  • The user must first register in the web portal on his or her email ID and password in order to fill out the online application form. The machine creates a pin code that is transmitted by email to the applicant. The applicant must enter, for the first time login, his or her email ID, password and pin code. However, the applicant must only type his or her e-mail identity and password to login the next time, after successfully logging in. It is recommended that candidates preserve their e-mail and password safe
  • Once you have signed in, you can enter your details in your profile (Name, Domicile, Marks, etc.). After all entries, the claimant shall upload his/her scanned mandatory papers, photographs and signatures as per the list in the form given.
  • In the event that the applicant wishes to apply for entry against any reserved seat (e.g. Sick, Underdeveloped Districts, Overseas Pakistani/Dual Nationality Holders, etc.), he/she will be expected to request additional paperwork required for that type of seats.
  • UHS Entry form is available online. No Manual Entry Forums will be approved.


  • In compliance with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council’s ‘MBBS and BDS (Admissions, House Job and Internship) Rules, 2018, as updated on 30 May 2019,’ the basic eligibility requirements for admissions are as follows.
  • The candidate has earned a minimum of Seventy percent (770/1100) of the marks in the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or F.Sc. (Pre-medical) or similar test with a minimum of twelve years of schooling
  • (B0 The candidate has passed a minimum of Seventy per cent mark overall in the course of review by an international institution or an examination body or a foreign education system for at least three science subjects, i.e., biology, chemistry and either physics or mathematics, and the course must have been properly accredited by the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) as equal to H. Or Pakistan Intermediate Standard
  • Only candidates domiciled in any district of Punjab are eligible to apply for election to the above-mentioned categories of seats.
  • Only those candidates who have passed the Medical & Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT)-2019, conducted on 25 August 2019, with a minimum of 60 per cent (120/200) marks, are qualified to apply for admission to the above-mentioned categories of seats (for seats reserved for Children of Overseas Pakistani/Dual Nationality Holders of Pakistani Origin, candidates may also apply on the basis of the SAT II score The scores of SAT II and International MCAT informed before 30 September 2017 and after 30 September 2019 shall not be appropriate.

A video with a realistic UHS MBBS/BDS Admission process will shortly be available here. Need Support Ask Questions in the Comment Box. Our knowledgeable team is going to support you. And share this post with your colleagues, please. Your sharing is inspiring us.

Whether you ever have some doubts about it. UHS MBBS/BDS Admission 2021 Portal, please do a comment. I will respond to you as soon as I can.

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