UHS Releases Exam Calendar for BDS Annual Exams 2021

The examination calendar for the BDS annual exams 2021 has been released by the University of Health Sciences. Candidates must review the schedule supplied by the relevant authorities. On September 7, 2021, the 41st meeting of the board of dental studies was conducted, during which all professional BDS annual exams 2021 were planned. The UHS has informed students that all examinations would be administered in accordance with SOPs. In order to take the BDS yearly examinations, students must fulfil all of the university’s requirements.

Date Sheet for UHS BDS 2021

The date sheet for the first Prof. BDS annual examination, second Prof. BDS annual examination, third Prof. BDS annual examination, and final Prof. BDS annual examination has been released by the University of Health Sciences. The 1st prof. BDS Prof. examinations and the 2nd prof. BDS exams will be held on January 21st and February 25th, 2022. However, the third and final Prof. BDS exams will be held on February 8th and March 18th, 2022, respectively. Previously, the UHS released the examination calendar for the MBBS annual exams in 2021.

Admission Form Submission for BDS

The UHS has also given a deadline for submitting the admission form, and candidates are needed to do so in order to prevent any trouble.

ExamsSubmission of Admission form with single feeSubmission of Admission Form with double feeInternal Assessment
First Prof. BDS annual examination5th January 202212th January 202221st January 2022
Second Prof. BDS annual examination7th February 202214th February 202221st February 2022
Third Prof. BDS annual examination19th January 202226th January 20228th February 2022
Final Prof. BDS annual examination28th February 20227th March 202218th March 2022

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