Unemployment Alarming situation:- Maira Nadeem

It is a hard fact that unemployment has become the number one problem in Pakistan. This is growing by leaps and bounds not only in rural areas but also in urban areas of Pakistan. Many top universities of Pakistan producing thousands of young graduates every year but failing to get a good job on completion of their degree. Talented young people are discarded and eventually engage in anti-social activities that can prove detrimental to society.

Highly educated young men and women taking jobs of drivers, janitors, cleaners, etc. because of a fear of being homeless. In Pakistan, the unemployment rate is very high. The condition of unemployment is leading towards the depressing state and the main reason is the poor education system, which is running under the government. The parents spend a huge amount of money on their children’s education, but the jobs are very rare and prove indefinable in today’s era. Sadly, the government is not taking any action on the unemployment problem in Pakistan. This is a very alarming situation especially for the youth as they are looking to get a job as soon as they have a degree in their hands.

But unfortunately, we are lacking to provide adequate measures to reduce this unemployment rate. To address this persistent issue we should dig deep into the reasons behind this prevailing unemployment. The government needs to come up with a plan for skills development and revival of vocational training centers to train and improve the skills of the workforce. I would like to suggest that both the government and the private sector should take the initiative to solve this persistent issue of Pakistan. Proper economic planning, effective Government policies law, and order situation in the country should be improved.

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