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US: Data Scientist fired for refusing to manipulate Corona statistics

In the US state of Florida, a data scientist was fired for refusing to manipulate Corona’s statistics.
According to the foreign news agency, the scientist who updated the data portal related to Corona has not only been removed from his post for refusing to count the number of Corona cases, but he has also been fired from the health department.

Dismissed U.S. Department of Health Officer Rebecca Jones has sent an email to the American News Channel revealing that she has collected data on 500,000 people with the aim of informing the people of Florida and researchers about the real situation in Corona.

The U.S. official added that he worked 16 hours a day for two months without pay and collected data, which led to his dismissal from the Department of Health as Graphic Information Systems Manager for refusing to change.

The U.S. military has warned investigators to be careful about taking data from their portals as it could lead to changes.

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