Celebrating Valentine’s Day is against Islam: Sufi Masood Ahmed

Sufi Masood Ahmed

Lahore (Rana Ali Zohaib) Ameer Tanzeem Mashaik Uzzam Pakistan and chairman Lasani Welfare foundation Sufi Masood Ahmed Siddiqui Lasani Sarkar said that Celebrating Valentine’s Day is against Islam and media should ban airing such kind of content on valentine’s day. Non-Islamic and non-Shariah festivals are causing a deterioration in society, government should play a role to stop this. He said that the claimants of love and affection with the Holy Prophet (PBUH) could never fall prey to such non-Islamic and hypocritical practices of Islam.
He said we should also protect ourselves and our children from such indecency and recklessness by the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Special prayers for the development and success of Pakistan were also offered at the end of the meeting.

Rana Ali Zohaib
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