Visual Harassment: Delirium of Era

By: Sehna Saleem

Harassment can be regarded as any kind of behavior that causes uneasiness for someone. It can take
place in both public and private places. Harassment cases are increasing immensely in the workplace
besides the effort by the government to legislate laws that helps to mitigate them. It is obligatory for
every employee in a workplace must know what are the factors that are causing
harassment either verbal, physical, and visual. Any kind of unwelcome physical, verbal or visual behavior
in a working platform falls under sexual harassment.

“If You want to destroy a nation without weapons and war make the nudity and adultery common
among the young generation that Nation will automatically fall itself without any war”
Salahuddin Ayubi said that centuries. And in the whole world, this virus is spreading very rapidly. In
Western countries have liberal views about adultery and nudity. They consider that thing as a
crucial part of their life. But the same scenario is emerging very vastly and fastly in Pakistan. In Pakistan, women are chasing behind western culture and have forgotten their own identity adequately. This
alarming situation is going to its peak due to social media and television. Pakistani dramas are also
playing a vital role in spreading adultery and falsehood. And that thing is blindly impacting on our Young

In this article, I will fully explore the meaning of visual harassment?? In plain terms, visual
harassment is a condition where the individual exposes themselves to other people without knowing the victim and the act, which negatively impacts their performance and attitude. We
have many examples of visual harassment like Revealing the private parts of the body, by revealing body
parts means that those body parts are being prohibited to show off. If anyone reveals those parts of
the body this action of that person is counted in the circle of harassment. Sharing sexual pictures or videos to
other people like sharing raunchy images or videos to other people via social media without giving any
clue to another person. This may also be regarded as the major cause of harassment. Social media is a very
dreadful weapon in that present era and that is causing most troubles for every human being, Flagrant
connotations to another person, this may include teasing someone by vulgar signs like winking also looking
at someone constantly this may cause uneasiness for the person who is being preyed, keenly observing
the body of other person and making the person uneasy,

Advertising any Pena flex or chart which
contains information about sexuality like film banners advertising for beauty products like shampoo
cream, etc these kinds of advertising may enhance harassment cases, Calculating someone other vulgar
images or videos without their permission, Displaying nasty messages or any content from any site book
or any piece of literature. In Pakistan, this alarming situation is increasing very speedy. Sex discrimination
should be kept as a priority for both males and females. Not only males are involving in this delirium also
females are using this trick as a source of income. This should be ceased. In our daily lives, we observe
around our surroundings that how vulgarity is upbringing in our society. Women are becoming liberal
day by day they want to escape from the boundaries that their religion had set for them. On many
working platforms, we observe girls go freely without scarves and gowns. In any co department where both
genders male and female work together this thing generates automatically. Wearing shorts, pajamas are
not a suitable dress code for any Muslim girl.

That is the reason why rape cases are increasing incredibly in
Pakistan day by day. An immense number of employees suffer from sexual harassment. In simple
words, if I quote suffer from all kinds of harassment it wouldn’t be wrong. And that thing happens
primarily when the employer does not address the issue effectively. It should be made obligatory for the elimination of verbal, physical, and visual harassment practices. And employers must coordinate with
their department of fair employment and housing to formulate preventive measures. Some of the
preventive measures required in the workplace include:

Employers should apply anti-harassment policies and these policies should be distributed among all employees and make ensure that they must read and understand these policies. The next solid
measurement for the prevention of harassment is to add sexual harassment training programs in the
organization. Organizations should give proper guidelines about sexual harassment cases and how to
prevent them. They must train through online platforms. Employers must establish various reporting
channels and ensure employees get familiar with the procedures to follow in case of someone become
a victim of any form of harassment. It is often regarded as the best step for every employer to have
harassment laws in places like the sexual harassment policy. A wide range of protections are available that
prove helpful for any individual from being harassed or discriminated against. When an employee has
an anti-harassment policy it means that they can sue if he or she is being sexually harassed or harassed in
any other way in any workplace. I often observe in many co-departments how female workers are being
harassed just because of their dress code. And being harassed due to dress code may be counted in
the meaning of visual harassment. When female workers do not follow the dress code or ethics allowed by
their religion and society. This girl may be regarded as the most appealing prey to many male workers and
they use every trick to harass her. So it’s essential for any organization and department and
employee must have the option of going to both a boss or any higher individual but its also compulsory
one May have a separate entity like human resources department in case the boss is condoning the

Even prime minister Imran khan stated in one of his speeches. During an interview with the US journalist
Jonathan Swan on HBO on 20th June khan said that women wearing “ very few clothes” will have an
impact on men.
“ Men Are Not Robots. Women Wearing Short Clothes Would Definitely Impact Men”.
Imran khan’s remarks circulated very fastly on social media and it gives chance to every woman to
express their opinions about what they were wearing when they got harassed and molested. One
woman narrated “ how she was at the holiest place in Islam the Holy Kaba and was wearing an Abaya. A
loose Abaya scarf and dark glasses to cover my black eye was standing in the sehan of kaba a guy groped
me. He was still in Ahram.”
Another Twitter user wrote “black eye performing tawaf pinched on the backside guy smirked when I
In a nutshell, it can be concluded that a woman must follow all those ethics and rules set by their
religion and society this will help them to uproot many social evils as well as moral evils from society.
And this bond will promote a friendly environment all around the society. When a woman will know
about her limits about her responsibilities there will be no chance in society to discriminate her on
a gender basis. When a woman will follow ethics according to her religion this will stop men to tease her
to harass her in any sense. A man must have control on himself. Never try to misuse his power just to tease
a woman. Islam had also set certain rules for both males and females to follow “Parda” is not obligatory
for women but Islam had made this obligatory too for men. So both gender has to play their role very sincerely for the betterment of their religion, country, society etc. This act will flourish some positive
aspects and their impact will be long lasting.
This is being regarded as one of the major burning issues of today’s era. This is prevailing in every country
very rapidly due to excessive use of digital media. If this deplorable situation presist then every country
will ruin its identity. The government of every country should take some solid steps to tackle this alarming
situation. Digital devices must be monitored by high authorities just to save the dignity of others

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