What did Shahbaz Sharif earn in 10 years and how much tax did he pay: report

Former Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has submitted the tax record of 10 years of agricultural income to NAB Lahore. According to NAB sources, the former Chief Minister earned Rs 8011,1705 in 10 years and he paid Rs. 1.1021,089 in taxes.

According to NAB sources, Shahbaz Sharif’s lowest income was Rs 2.5 million in 2019 on which Rs 333,250 was deposited, in 2009 Shahbaz Sharif’s income was Rs 3 million while he submitted Rs 393,000 in taxes. The highest income of Rs. 1,65,46,705 in 2011 and the highest tax of Rs. 2,782,500 was collected in the same year.

According to NAB documents, the PML-N president’s income has decreased in the last six years and taxes have also been reduced. In the last three years, Shahbaz Sharif has earned Rs 88 lakh while depositing Rs 12,9,250.

Naeem Ur Rehman

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