What does happiness mean to me?

Happiness is a condition, not a characteristic; in other words, it isn’t an enduring, everlasting feature or personality trait, but a momentary, changeable state. Happiness is a state of mind. Everyone finds happiness in his way. I’m happy If I find something very close to my heart. It’s fact that everyone has a dream in his life and he/she works to fulfil his/her dream, and If he becomes successful in doing so, then he will be in the state of happiness.

Real happiness keeps you on a stable path and allows you to bounce back from those bad moments of losing or not receiving what you wanted or hoped for. I have my criteria for happiness. Below are some conditions which keep me happy in my life.

  1. Even Love is happiness for me. because I feel happy, When I think about the beloved ones, being with them, how they are, and so on. When I meet with my family, friends, colleagues, it makes me happy and gives me great pleasure.
  2. Helping others is not only beneficial for them but also makes us happier and healthier too. Helping others in their tense time increases my happiness. Being a human, I find pleasure by dealing with and resolving the issues of others.
  3. When I play physical games or exercise in the morning, I feel happy. Now, It’s scientifically proved that exercise and games make us happy by releasing ‘Endorphins’ chemical hormone which triggers a positive feeling in the body.

          To conclude, Happiness is nothing more than a state of positiveness and activeness of our minds. The reason for being happy is not common in all human beings. It may vary from individual to individual. As in Success, happiness has also different criteria according to the age, condition, and personality of a person.

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Naeem Ur Rehman

Pakistan's youngest blogger and the CEO of He is currently the student of BS Environmental Sciences at University of the Punjab, Lahore. He is also working as a senior advisor to, Mukaalma, and Pylon TV.
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