What is bipolar disorder, causes, symptoms and treatment?

Everyone knows that drug addiction is a bad habit that slowly erodes a young person. We unfortunately belong to a society where drug addiction is considered a character disorder. No one knows the reasons behind this habit. By the way, drug use starts at a young age. When a young person is intoxicated with the intoxication of his youth, he sees nothing but himself. He does not know why he is doing this. And even his family members are not aware of his changing colors in time. Then there comes a time in his life when a person first suffers from depression due to intoxication, then gradually he suffers from depression and bipolar disorder.

By the way, everyone’s mood changes in normal life. Most people look happy at the time of marriage, and look sad at the time of any death or trouble. This situation keeps changing and it is an abnormal process but the most important question is how does this normal process lead a drug addict from depression to bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a disease that affects people with depression. This is the name of a disease in which a person looks excited at one time and then the next moment a person becomes sad. Bipolar disorder is called mood swings disease in other words. This disease. There are two parts to this: a mental condition in which a person looks very excited and calm, and in the other part of this disease a person becomes severely depressed. The symptoms of both conditions are described separately.

Symptoms of psychiatric condition:

  • Too much talking,
  • Extraordinary interest in social, business, educational and leisure activities.
  • Clear change in human function.
  • Extremely sensitive to energy.

Symptoms of depression in this disease:

  • Suffering from severe depression.
  • Not interested in anything
  • Difficulty falling asleep.
  • Feeling tired all the time.

In the presence of all these symptoms, it is very important for a person to undergo regular psychiatric check-ups. If this disease is not treated soon, then a person will suffer from severe mental illness. Is. This disease is not treated by the patient but by his family. First of all, the whole family of the patient is bred because the family of drug addicts does not have a positive attitude towards the patient which makes it not easy for the patient to agree to the treatment.

This begs the question: what does the patient’s illness have to do with his family? Some behaviors are caused by intoxication in drug addicts and some are caused by depression caused by not getting intoxicated. In this situation, a person can harm himself as well as his own. He also threatens to harm his family members and threatens to kill them. When he is not addicted, he starts stealing small things from home. Gradually, this habit makes him a big culprit. It is important to contact a psychologist or psychiatrist immediately to avoid all of these conditions.
A psychologist gives full counseling to his patient and sets up sessions to get him out of the disease and in these sessions the psychologist spends time with his patient, gives him full counseling and gradually takes him out of the patient. Trying to be a healthy person. In addition to all these things, it connects the patient to the path of Allah Almighty.

As everyone knows, brain education is called psychology. Bipolar disorder is a form of depression that is caused by negative changes in the brain. Re-treatment is possible only after reading the Magh. A psychologist is fully qualified to read his patient’s brain.

How does psychology help cure bipolar disorder?

Psychologists say that complete counselling and sessions can cure the disease and regular use of certain medications can cure the disease.

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