What is culture? A comprehensive collection of definitions

Views of different scholars on culture

Culture is defined as the embodiment of the spiritual, intellectual, religious and moral values ​​of life. Truth, beauty, goodness, justice and love are the rays of this culture. Culture is the name of a way of thinking, a creative tradition and a way of life in which the most valuable asset of life is honesty, height of sight and purity of character.

What is culture according to different authors?

The world’s great philosophers, prophets and intellectuals say that the main source of high values ​​is the essence of God, the measure of all things: God is the measure of all things, because if man’s relationship with God is broken Then he can fly in the world of imagination and ignore the facts and humanity.
The famous nineteenth-century English poet and philosopher Matthew Arnold, while highlighting the intellectual aspect of culture, said:

“Culture is the creation of the best minds.”

That is, “culture is the name of the creation of the best minds.”

Professor Karrar Hussain writes:

Culture is a mixture of religion + history + geography. In Hindu culture and in our culture there is only geography. History and religion separate us.”

Well known German historian and philosopher Aswald Spingler says:

Culture is the name of believing in supernatural ideas for which one can lay down one’s life.

According to the famous Egyptian writer Dr. Taha Hussein:

“Culture or literature is a high value that does not become a tool of any ideology.”

Dr. Rashid Jalandhari is also correct in saying that:

Culture has to do with its land, local way of life, customs and language and literature.

For those who consider culture to be limited to dancing and singing and whose imagination is unable to think about culture outside the confines of the prostitute’s room, the concept of the temple of culture presented in the above lines may not be understandable. People who present all kinds of blood games and superstitions as a national culture may find their minds too timid in accepting this lofty concept of culture, but the fact is that this is the true concept of culture, which is the essence. Presented as the preface to this article.

A festival is an occasion that followers of a religion celebrate each year according to their calendar with a special reference. This reference may be in remembrance of a historical event, and a religious duty may be possible in its form, but a The fact that it seems to be true everywhere is that the festival, as a historical event, is a great foundation of unity and religious unity for religion and its followers and is a historically living example. Festivals associated with religion remain clear even when immersed in social colors. The ways of celebrating festivals vary in different nations. Hindus have special ways of celebrating festivals. The names of Hindu festivals are the same but their methods have changed.

Maulana Abu Ali Maududi writes:

There are many ways to celebrate the festival in different nations of the world. In some, the festival is limited only to sports and melodies and fun and entertainment. Sometimes serious ceremonies are performed along with polite entertainment, and sometimes by taking advantage of these collective ceremonies, an attempt is made to infuse a high level of spirit in the people and to create love and devotion with a lofty goal. The manner in which a nation celebrates its festivals is like a scale by which you can measure its mood and its spirits and aspirations. The higher the spirit in a nation, the more morally its festivals are morally decent. And they will be pure. In this way, the less moral a nation is, the more disgusting it will be in its festivals.

Islamic festivals have a wonderful culture, splendor, decency and moral elevation. They do not contain blood and games, nor inferior entertainment. ۔

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