What is Keyword Research and what are its benefits in SEO?

Hello everyone, today we will learn about keyword research in detail. What is keyword research, what are its benefits in SEO, what are keyword research tools, and how to get started with keyword research.

What is Keyword Research?

Before understanding this, we have to understand what are keywords. Whenever we do some search in the search engine, we do it through a sentence made of some words or group of words. For example, we searched on Google like, “Top 10 Blogs in Pakistan”. So this is a keyword. Likewise, millions of people search on Google or any other search engine every day with the help of keywords. Now what happens is that many people search for the same keyword. For example, there are thousands of searches for a particular keyword.

Now if we want that we publish a blog post on that keyword on our blog, and gain traffic from that search engine query, then what do we have to do?

Your blog post will have to optimize SEO for that keyword. If you know how to do basic on-page SEO, you can do it easily.

But the problem is not that how we write a blog post for a keyword, the problem is how to find such keywords whose searches are also very high and for them to be able to rank easily on our blog or website search engine.

Keyword research means finding some good keywords to rank your blog or website in the search engine. Now let me tell you that some keywords are such whose searches are very much, but many people have already targeted that keyword, then it is difficult for us to rank in it. So it is called SEO competition. So in keyword search, we have to find such keywords whose searches are also sufficient and competition in them is less.

How to do Keyword Research?

Now how do you find keywords?

There is no one particular method of keyword research, but there are many different methods. Different webmasters use different tools for keyword research. There are many tools available for keyword research nowadays, but most of the tools that are in it are premium, that is, you have to pay something for them.

I tell you today the names of the top 3 tools for doing keyword research in this article and soon we will publish a detailed blog post about them. These tools are:

Our blog already has a detailed blog post about SEMRush, whose link is given below.

Now let me briefly tell you what you can do with these keyword research tools?

  • According to your niche, you can find some relevant keywords.
  • You can find many more keywords for a relevant particular keyword.
  • can analyze the competition in the search engine for any keyword.
  • You can find the number of searches for any keyword.
  • You can know which sites are already ranking for this keyword and can also track their position.

Among the above tools, SEMRush is a very powerful tool. Let us now also know about the benefits of keyword research.

 Benefits of Keyword Research

If you are a blogger and you have read all the above blog post carefully, then you yourself must have realized the importance of keyword research.

Below are some of its benefits:

  • If you write every blog post by doing keyword research, then it is likely that each of your blog posts will target the traffic and will contribute to increase the traffic of your blog. (This is not the case on most blogs, because most bloggers do not write every blog post by doing keyword research.
  • By searching Keyword, you target niche based traffic which is good for affiliate marketing through your blog and the conversion rate of clicks on ads is also more than normal.
  • One way you get ideas for writing blog posts on your blog through Keyword Research. This way, you do not have to think what to publish on your blog everyday.
  • You can gain even more traffic by analyzing the keywords of your competitor.
  • The more keywords your site will rank on, the more your domain’s ability to rank in the search engine, ie Domain Autority will also increase.
  • According to my experience, the comments on the blog posts that I targeted by doing keyword research are more, and shares too.

Hope you have understood the concept of keyword research very well by reading this blog post and you must have realized its importance as well. If you were not yet paying attention to keyword research, then definitely start giving.

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