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What is Parental Control over Internet? Complete Info

Today, computers and smart phones have made the Internet easy for you and your children, so children of all ages can have access to those materials on the Internet. Which he should not see or use. Protecting children from such material is a difficult task for parents. But with the help of some software, children’s activities can be monitored. 

What is  parental control

Children are children, if they do not have any restrictions, they can stick to the computer or the Internet all day, and especially when the parents are not at home or do not know more about the computer. Parental control is called to monitor similar online and offline activities of children and if  you are at home or not but making your  home computer and internet or other devices safe for your child  . Some software is used for this. 

What you can do 

  • You can know what your child is doing after you. 
  • If you feel that some websites are not suitable for your child, then you can block those websites. 
  • One can get complete details of all the websites visited on the computer. 

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