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WhatsApp: send messages without storing in mobile number contacts

Many times on WhatsApp, people need to send messages whose number we do not want to store in our contact list. But you cannot send a message to anyone on WhatsApp without storing the number.

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging app, used from village to city. Earlier, only chat facility was available on this app, but with the changing times, it also underwent many changes. Now not only chatting through WhatsApp, you can enjoy face-to-face video and audio chat with your friends and family sitting far away, share your photos and videos with them. However, with time the technology has increased and many new features have been added to the app, but there is one thing that has not changed from the beginning till now, which also bothers many people. Actually, on WhatsApp, many times we need to send messages to people whose numbers we do not want to store in our contact list. But you cannot send a message to anyone on WhatsApp without saving the number.

This is a big dilemma of WhatsApp which everyone has been facing for a long time. Today we are writing this article with the aim of resolving your dilemma. However, it is worth noting that there is no official solution to send WhatsApp messages without saving the number. This is just the way we are going to tell you.

Before telling you the method, let us inform you that there are many such third party apps available on Google Play Store and App Store, which provide the facility to send WhatsApp messages without saving the number. But using these third party apps means compromising with your security and may result in your WhatsApp account being banned. So it is better to keep the security of your smartphone at risk, keep distance from these apps and use the method given by us-

WhatsApp: Send message without storing number

This method will work for both Android and iOS users.

1. First of all open your phone’s browser and paste this link in the address bar or

2. Wherever ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ is given, there you have to enter the number with the country code to which you want to send the message. For example, if you want to send a message to this number +929911111111, then you need to enter in the address bar. The first given 92 is the country code of Pakistan.

3. Enter after inserting the link.

4. Now you will see the WhatsApp web page of the number with which a green message button will appear. You have to click on the green message button and then you will be redirected to WhatsApp.

5. Just now you can send WhatsApp messages to that person without storing the number.

Send WhatsApp messages through Siri Shortcuts without storing the number

If you are an iPhone user, there is another easy way for you. This is the way Siri Shortcuts. It is an app made by Apple itself, it works on iOS 12 and newer devices. In this way you can send WhatsApp messages to anyone without saving the number through Siri Shortcuts.

1. First of all download Siri Shortcuts from App Store.

2. Open the app and tap on the Gallery tab. Now add a shortcut that you like. Run it Keep in mind that you follow the first and second instructions only if you have never used Siri shortcuts.

3. Now go to Settings and go to Shortcuts and enable Allow Untrusted Shortcuts. Keep in mind that download shortcuts created by the same people you trust.

4. After this link in your iPhoneGo to and download it by clicking on the Get shortcut button.

5. Now you will come to shortcut app, where you have to tap on Add Untrusted Shortcut.

6. After all open the shortcut app. Here you will see WhatsApp to non-contact shortcut in the shortcut tab. You can also run it from here.

7. After this, you will be asked for the number, which can be sent with the country code and you can send WhatsApp message.

Many times during official work, it happens that we have to share some documents or details without having to store the number, in such a way, this method will definitely help you. However, we hope that WhatsApp will definitely bring such a feature in the future, realizing its need.

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