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WhatsApp will work with a landline number, learn how

Owned by Facebook Whatsapp is of worldwide use by millions of people. Features like sending messages, sharing photos and videos, status updates are available on WhatsApp. WhatsApp periodically brings new features to its users. To use WhatsApp, it is necessary to have an internet connection and a mobile number. But do you know that you can also use landline number for sending and receiving messages? Yes, you can download and receive messages from your landline number by downloading the WhatsApp Business app. 

Whatsapp is Free for Users

The app is available free to download. In particular, it has been made keeping in mind the small businessmen. If you also have a small business, then you can download this app to connect with your customers. Here, you can tell about your products, services and email etc. by creating a profile of your business.

You can use WhatsApp Business App to access WhatsApp through your landline. Small businesses can create their own WhatsApp account by entering their landline number.

Businessmen link their landline numbers directly to the WhatsApp Business App. After this, he can get his number saved by sharing the phone number with customers or using two phone numbers. Learn how to use WhatsApp through a landline.

Follow these steps to use LandLine number on Whatsapp

Step 1 First download WhatsApp Business App in your smartphone

Step 2 After installing the app, agree to the terms and conditions, tap on continue 

Step 3 Now your country code and phone Number will be asked. Enter the landline number here, but put 0 before that. 

Step 4 Since you have entered the landline number, you will not be able to get OTP. You can tap on the Call me option 

Step 5 Now you will get a call for OTP on your WhatsApp landline number. Listen to the OTP carefully. Now put OTP in the app and in this way your number will be verified. 

Step 6 After verification, set the profile picture and fill in the name and other information. Now you can use WhatsApp in your smartphone using your landline number.

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