Why does hunger cause headaches? The doctors also prescribed treatment

You may have noticed that most people are complaining of headaches, but they do not know why it happens. Medical experts say that the causes of headaches are many, but sometimes the headaches are due to hunger. Also happens

A scientific study conducted at the University of Melbourne, Australia, has revealed that hunger causes 31% of headaches, due to not eating or not eating breakfast for a long time.

According to a comprehensive report by Bold Sky, a health and lifestyle website, the incidence of headaches other than hunger is 29%, which includes fatigue, anger, change of weather, menstruation, travel, noise and Sleep deprivation, etc.

Why a headache with hunger?

Dehydration, low calorie intake and glucose deficiency can lead to headaches. Medical experts say that when our brain does not get the full amount of glucose, it releases certain hormones, including glucose, cortisol and There are adrenaline, etc. that make up for the lack of glucose and sugar in the body.

After the release of these hormones from the brain, their negative effects include headaches, fatigue, lethargy and nausea.

Lack of water and food in the body affects the brain capacity and accelerates it which causes headaches. People suffering from stress and diabetes suffer from more severe headaches. Greek researchers say hunger and stress may cause migraines.

Symptoms of pain due to hunger

Appetite headaches are accompanied by a feeling of pressure on both sides of the forehead, as well as tension in the neck and shoulders.

Other symptoms include bowel movements, fatigue, trembling hands, dizziness, abdominal pain, sweating, chills, and digestive problems.

A study by a team of universities from two US states found that headaches can be caused by indigestion and that digestive treatments can cure headaches. Headaches are also caused by indigestion, constipation, intestinal inflammation, gastroesophageal reflux and other diseases. Experts suggest that treating these diseases can cure headaches and improve the quality of life.

What can be done to avoid the pain of hunger?

1- Eat healthy food at meal times

2- Never skip breakfast

3- People whose work is busy should eat light food from time to time

4- Avoid chocolate or sweet juices as they can cause an increase in glucose in the body which can lead to an increase in sugar.

5- In case of hunger, use more water to reduce the feeling of hunger

6- Keep fruits like apples, malts or nuts in front of you

7- Use butter or fruit juices from time to time

Experts say that it is normal to have a headache when your stomach is empty and it goes away after eating, but it is also important to consult a doctor.

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