Why was the same plane sent out whose case was pending?

Why was the same Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane sent abroad, whose lease and rental issues were not settled?

PIA’s Boeing 777 is currently in the custody of Malaysia on a court order in Kuala Lumpur.

PIA did not pay the rent for the leased plane and then sent the same plane to Malaysia on an international flight, why?

The amount for which the plane has been stopped is 14 million dollars, which is about 2 billion rupees in today’s Pakistani rupees.

Passengers were separated while the country’s jug was also laughed at.
The Malaysian authorities have allowed the crew of the PIA-held plane to return home.
A PIA spokesman said the corona virus had reduced revenue last year, and a case to reduce lease rent was pending in a British court.

According to the spokesman, the unilateral action of the third country court in such a case is unfortunate.
After the breakdown, the PIA approached the Pakistani government to resolve the issue with Malaysia at the diplomatic level.

According to sources, PIA agreed to dry lease two Boeing 777s from Irish leasing company Aircap in 2015. Aircap leased the aircraft from Vietnam Airlines.

According to sources, the PIA filed a petition in the London Conciliation Court in October 2020, alleging that the aviation industry was severely affected due to the Covid-19, so the lease fee should be reduced. The plane was stopped

Sources said that the leasing company was monitoring the movement of both the PIA planes, and as soon as it was reported that one of them was scheduled to be in Malaysia, the company ordered a Malaysian court to seize the plane under international law. Achieved.

Contrary to the position of the PIA spokesperson, aviation sources said that the PIA administration has gone to extremes of mismanagement and incompetence.
Sources ask whether the PIA administration is not aware of international aviation laws and leasing laws.

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