Wishing the people of Pakistan a happy and prosperous new year. Consul General of Pakistan

We will do our best to help Pakistan in the second wave of corona. Faisal Butt

Lahore: Consul General Liberland_Pakistan Faisal Butt has congratulated the Pakistani nation on the arrival of New Year. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan and his entire team were to be commended for controlling a deadly epidemic like corona in the year 2020. The New Year will be a year of development and prosperity for Pakistan. Under Imran Khan’s leadership, the country is moving forward economically.

Talking about the diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Liberand, the Consul General said that the diplomatic ties with Pakistan are going on smoothly and we hope that diplomatic relations with Pakistan will be established this year. He said that Liberland stood by Pakistan in every difficult time. We will do our best to help Pakistan in the second wave of Corona.

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Rana Ali Zohaib

Journalist / Columnist / Reporter at Truth Tracker international Magazine. Columnist at (Urdu and English),
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