Women Empowerment:- Rabia Arshad

Rabia Arshad

In all parts of the world women face threats to their life, health, and well being as a result of being overburdened with work and if their lack of power and influence.

Women receive less formal education than men. National development must be balanced with the equal distribution of resources to both males and females as in Pakistan females are approximately 51% of the total population and without the active participation of females, Pakistan cannot achieve the required level of growth rate.

Since the creation of Pakistan it inherited the menace of poverty and burden of this poverty was put heavily on female population because of the reasons that the majority of females are involved in agriculture work, performing tasks to maintain a household, carrying water and collecting fuelwood but their work in productive activities is unrecognized and, therefore, the female participation represented in economic activities seems to below.

The proportion and protection of women’s rights, ti restore the personal security and dignity of women and to give them protection at the workplace.

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