Young Founders Programme Germany Fully Funded 2021-22

The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme 2021-22 seeks to empower young entrepreneurs in emerging markets by providing equitable chances to everyone. The Young Fellows Program in Germany is an international fellowship that brings together leaders from all around the world. The international leadership programme in Berlin brings together exceptional young entrepreneurs who are striving for entrepreneurial success. Furthermore, the programmer gives opportunity for previous fellowship alumni to learn from their successful business strategies in emerging regions.

Westerwelle Young Founders Programme 2021-22

The six-month Westerwelle international fellowship comprises mentorship, peer learning, a buddy programme, a Berlin conference, and expert sessions for young businesspeople. All of them are essential if you want to establish your own unique impression in the rising markets. The finest aspect of this fully-funded fellowship is that it provides participants with a one-of-a-kind experience by matching them with a successful entrepreneur or innovator who will serve as their sparring partner. Aside from that, participants communicate with one another and get access to new business prospects. In addition, the Westerwelle fellowship programme in Germany hosts expert sessions in which participants get an in-depth understanding of their respective disciplines from world-class specialists.

Entrepreneurs with the potential to become leaders of a sustainable future and an influential business concept are encouraged to apply for the fully-funded international fellowship. Leaders from all around the world will be chosen to assist in the development of new and developing markets. The Westerwelle Foundation is always happy to help provide additional possibilities for individuals all around the world. The Foundation’s mission to enhance worldwide understanding and build stronger foundations for a market economy and tolerance includes the Westerwelle Young Founders Autumn 2021.

Westerwelle Foundation’s worldwide fellowship programme

The Westerwelle Foundation’s worldwide fellowship programme, which is founded on the connection of economic success, eventually empowers future leaders. Participants will also get the opportunity to work on a middle-class socioeconomic model and compare it to Germany’s Mittlestand. Evonik, Gi2, Google, Liquid Telecom, United International Hotspot, Oracle, and Flat 6 Labs Tunis, among others, are among the Foundation’s world-class partners. This is a chance for young future leaders to acquire business skills from the Foundation’s 10 top participants to attend a fully-funded Berlin Conference and meet the world’s most successful businessmen and mentors while living in Germany for five days.

The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme will run from 2021 to 2022.

Country of Origin:


Organization hosting the event:

Young Founders Program at Westerwelle

Countries that are eligible:

Candidates from any emerging or developing country are eligible to apply.

Duration of the programme:

6-month remote programme with a 5-day fully paid conference in Berlin, Germany.

Westerwelle Young Founders Programme 2021-22 Benefits:

  • In the last week of September, the participants will attend a two-day digital Kick-off conference.
  • Participants will get six months of full support, including a personal mentor, alumni buddy, monthly peer mentoring sessions, monthly seminars, and networking opportunities.
  • Investors and corporations are contacted.
  • The top 10 registrants will be invited to a 5-day international conference in Germany, which will be completely financed.
  • Participants will get the opportunity to pitch in front of investors, join networks, and gain insight into Germany’s start-up environment throughout the course of the five-day conference.

Westerwelle Young Founders Program Eligibility Criteria 2021-22

  • In the last five years, the participant must have launched a for-profit business. The company’s primary focus should be on developing or emerging markets.
  • The business strategy must be successful in terms of producing desired income, or the company must have received its first round of external investment.
  • The company’s mission must be to have an influence on the market and to improve market quality.
  • Participants must have a solid command of the English language.
  • During the fellowship, members must be available for six months for conferences and events.
  • Check out the Junior Professional Associates Program (JAP) of the World Bank for the years 2021-2022.
  • How can I apply for the Westerwelle Young Founders Program in Germany for the years 2021-22?
  • Candidates must apply online in order to be considered for the position.
  • Candidates must bring their startup pitch deck with them.
  • Candidates must submit accurate and basic financial details about their income and financing.
  • A LinkedIn profile and/or a CV are required of the candidate.
  • If you run into any technical difficulties when applying, please contact for assistance.
  • Answer all of the questions in the application carefully and completely to ensure that they are understood correctly.

The deadline for submitting an application is:

The Westerwelle Foundation Young Founders Programme YFP application deadline is Friday, September 3 at 11:59 CEST.

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