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20 Outstanding Secret Tricks to Rank Fiverr GIG on First Page in 2022

Do you want to rank your Fiverr gig but you don’t know how?

I’m going to reveal secret tips that how to become a millionaire by making your gig rank on the first page.

But as a newbie, it is a difficult job to rank Fiverr gig on the first page and gain orders quickly.

When I analyze the top-rated, level 2, and level 1 seller’s gigs so after doing some analysis then I apply the same method at my own gigs, and I ranked my three Fiverr gigs at the first page.

The most common problem we all face as we don’t know how to create an SEO friendly title description and meta tags. In this short article, I will explain complete Fiverr gig ranking techniques for new sellers so read the complete article and step by step procedures of Fiverr gig ranking and creating. Now I decide to share that hidden secret tips to new sellers.

Step by Step Procedures:

Fiverr Gig Creation and Ranking Tips:

  1. Select the main keyword related to your service.
  2. Example Suppose I want to create a YouTube video ranking gig. So I will go first to Fiverr search bar and I will find the main keyword from first top 10 gigs and I select best YouTube video SEO as a main keyword after quick analysis from top 10 rank gigs.
  3. Second, go to keyword.io and from this site, you can check out that which keywords buyers are searching to find best sellers so you can also choose the main keyword for a title from this site.
  4. Now keep that main keyword in our title example best YouTube video SEO.
  5. The most important step in which can play a 50% role in gig ranking now go to Fiverr search bar and type your main keyword and open 15 first gigs in new tab. Next, scroll down each gig and in you should find related tags in each gig so copy tags from those 15 gigs in MS word file and then select the tags for your gig the one that repeated the most.
  6. An example I select best youtube SEO, video SEO, youtube video SEO, youtube video ranking for my gig.
  7. Now pick another five common keywords from those selected. So now You should use this keyword and related tags in our gig description, again and again, use the most common keywords 3,4 times minimum i.e. best youtube SEO.
  8. Don’t copy-paste gig description you should take help from the top 15 rank gigs related to your niche/service.
  9. Select the basic package of our gig $5 you can set up your price by a look at to the top-rated sellers and select the delivery time of our basic package 1 day.
  10. You can create a gig image by using canva.com website and remember don’t copy-paste any top seller gig image.
  11. While creating a Gig image you can use the main keyword as a subheading from your title i.e I will do best youtube video SEO to improve video ranking. So choose the main heading like Youtube video ranking. Write four main bullet points in gig image and mention delivery time less than 24 hours in gig image.
  12. Add some images or pdf files as a portfolio.
  13. Must Add frequently ask questions.
  14. Most important when you are going to create a gig title try to use 2, 3 keywords it will automatically boost your ranking in google.
  15. Keep online daily about 15 hours. While creating a gig make at least one week research for our gig and get to your gig image ready.
  16. You can install Fiverr App and tick mark an option in the app that will keep you online 24 hours.
  17. Send 10 buyer’s request daily.
  18. When you upload your gig image renames it same as your gig title name.

Social Media Platforms:

Share your gig daily at different social media platforms i.e. Facebook Groups, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest etc.


I have shared some Fiverr gig ranking tricks with you. Using those hidden tricks, all the new newbie should be ready to get first as soon as possible.
I expect this guide will assist you to rank your Fiverr gig and enable you to create more sales.
If you love this guide, confirm to share with other sellers who are struggling to form sales on Fiverr.

Proof My own Gigs:

Link1: https://www.fiverr.com/pdnaeem/design-a-professional-wordpress-website-or-blog

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